Star Tarot : Your Path to Self-Discovery Through Cosmic Symbolism

Star Tarot : Your Path to Self-Discovery Through Cosmic Symbolism

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The Story Behind The Star TarotCathy McClelland has always had a fascination for symbolism, nature and the mysteries of life and beyond. The tarot system seemed to blend all of these ideas together. As she became more familiar with the imagery of the tarot, she realized how universal the symbolism was within each image of the tarot. The parallel between the tarot symbolism and lessons with the cycles of one's spiritual evolution and the cycles of nature captivated Cathy. She feels, we are forever discovering more about ourselves, our world and our universe, through a deeper understanding of the stars and universe and our connection to the unfathomable cosmos. Some oral traditions have the wisdom of the Major Arcana to be as ancient as the lost continent of Atlantis, where the hidden knowledge was put into symbols. Symbolism speaks to the spirit and soul in a way that words cannot.

In 1991 Cathy decided to paint her own tarot images. She started with the majors, beginning with The Fool. These images would be part of 'The Star Tarot Deck', a name inspired by her love and fascination for the stars. Each image became a labor of love, taking up to three months to complete. In 1996 she finished the fifth image of The Emperor and took a long break. In the summer of 2005 Cathy decided to paint the rest of the majors, completing the 17 Keys in 2006. Then self published the majors only deck and booklet and in 2008. Which inspired her to move forward with the minors. The Star Majors only deck and booklet are sold out.The imagery depicted in the cards were inspired by meditation, long walks in the woods, nature, her study of the tarot and spiritual subjects, as well as the influence of different cultural symbols and myths. She draws upon nature, life and the allurement of the universe's mystery for inspiration, weaving the three together in her creations, hoping to inspire others to enjoy the beauty and the wonderment the world offers.

The 1st edition of "The Star Tarot" came out in August 2016. The tarot community embraced the imagery and wisdom behind the deck and book. The Star Tarot continues it's legacy with the second edition now being released in the spring of 2020.

"The world is full of miracles and magic. We just need to recognize the truth of this, and bring the beauty of it into our lives and into our hearts. I hope that my artwork can be a contribution to others in that direction. And I especially hope you enjoy "The Star Tarot." - Both EditionsCathy McClelland

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