Tea Leaf Readings

Psychic Mika, specialising in Tea Leaf Readings and

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings.

Whats In The Brew? Mika, your tea leaf reader begins by brewing the perfect pot of tea as intentions are set for you to receive
crystal clear clarity through the symbolism
left behind in your tea cup.

Saturdays Only.

Please contact us to make a suitable time.

$99 for 45 minutes.


Intuitive Readings
Natty Hunter

Tuesday & Thursday

Natty Hunter Intuitive Reader is available for readings in store
Using her favourite Oracle Cards & nurturing intuition, Natty will guide and lead you to move forward in all directions of your life.


Intuitive Reader & Soul Luminary
Zoom Readings

Selina is a Soul Whisperer. She will tap into your higher self, your Angels, Guides and Ancestors. She will bring through the words you need to hear to help your personal growth.

Selina's readings will show you areas in which you need help. She will give you the tools you need to facilitate this.

Selina uses cards, intuition and channeling to connect you to the Source that holds our divine blueprint and help you find a clear path.

Selina channels from a heart centred perspective and guides you towards a positive life path.

Saturdays - 45Β minutes $99.00


Astrology & Tarot Face to Face ReadingsΒ 

Bridget, Astrologer of over 20 years, Personal Coach, creator of Life Time to Level Up & everyone's BFF.

Bridget's realness & consistency are just a couple of her amazing qualities and is able to guide & direct you with detailed information from your birth chart. "Astrology is a language of the sky speaking to you" & Bridget shares how to make it a part of your daily life.

Please contact us to make a suitable time.