Malachite Slabs/Slices

Malachite Slabs/Slices

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Malachite Slab/Slice

Spiritual Healing Properties

Malachite has a bold energy which ignites within us a desire for positive personal transformation and adventure. It helps us to recognize our own gifts and to honor our dreams by doing whatever is necessary to make them a reality. It amplifies our energy and can be used to explore other worlds, both external and internal, allowing us to gain important insights and open our hearts to the power of unconditional love. Malachite encourages us to take more risks and be bold, while also offering us psychic and environmental protection. It grounds and calms our energetic body and cleanses the Chakras. It also amplifies nature affinities and attracts devas and other nature spirits and guides.

Metaphysical Properties Malachite
Chakra Solar Plexus and Heart
Element Fire
Numerology 9
Zodiac Scorpio and Capricorn

Emotional Healing Properties

Malachite helps us to be more confident and friendly. It opens our hearts to love, and is especially helpful for anyone who has been hurt by a previous romantic relationship and is afraid to love again. Malachite shows us that love is awesome and being wide-open to love doesn’t mean we are also inviting in pain and future injury. It helps remove the trauma of emotional pain and disentangles it from the beautiful reality of love. Being around this gem, we feel our emotions much more intensely, however Malachite also helps us to see these emotions clearly and understand their root cause. Malachite blasts through victim/abuser mentality, forcing us to be honest with ourselves and others, and to make the necessary changes so we can live peacefully and happily. It is a particularly good stone for anyone who is shy and afraid of confrontation. It teaches us to claim our rightful place in the world and to love boldly without reserve.

Mental Healing Properties

Malachite awakens within us a thirst for knowledge. It helps us to quickly understand new concepts and to absorb and remember new information. Malachite helps us to make quick, good decisions and act decisively. When needed, it also helps us to speak up and voice necessary criticism and to stand-up in the name of justice and compassion. It also helps us to be better observers and more appreciative of aesthetics and beauty. Malachite is very helpful to artists and other creative types who have an abundance of ideas, but struggle to act upon them or finish projects. It encourages creative passion and provides grounding so that we further explore our ideas and use our powers constructively.

Physical Healing Properties

Malachite is recommended for anyone seeking a greater vitality in life.  It encourages us to keep moving and to make physical self-care a priority.  In particular, it encourages us to do activities that encourage flexibility, strength, and relaxation.  It’s a fun stone to have in a more active yoga session, since it encourages us to push ourselves while also being kind to ourselves.  Malachite is a good talisman for treating inflammation, including arthritis, rheumatism and other joint pains.  It is also a lovely talisman to take into labor to encourage a quick and easy delivery.

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