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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with a Crystal Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention.  

As well as promoting wellness, the face roller is the perfect way to treat yourself to a massage while applying your facial serums or oils, encouraging better absorption as well as skin health, improved skin tone, and a radiant complexion. 


To clean your roller, simply use a gentle soap with warm water and dry thoroughly. This is a delicate beauty tool made from natural stone, so please handle and store carefully.


We recommend keeping your roller in the fridge to keep it super-cold—this is the ultimate trick for maximum de-puffing in the morning. Pair it with Serums and Gua Sha for ultimate indulgence.

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