Fluorite Heart Crystal Puff – Fluorite 30mm

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Fluorite Heart Crystal Puff – Fluorite 30mm

Heart shaped Gemstones are Sweet, Romantic and the Perennial Symbol of Love.

Plus, they are Eye-Catching and Unique and add a Lovely Element to Gemstone Jewellery Designs.

Each Heart has been Hand-Carved from High-Quality Gemstones and Polished until Smooth and Shiny.

Hearts symbolize love, faith, hope, trust, devotion, purity and strength.

Crystal Hearts represent our heart and connect with the energy of our Heart Chakra. These stones can be placed over this chakra in healing work.

Fluorite - WISDOM - Aids in decision making. Brings clarity to your thoughts. Balances the mind and helps to connect to your higher consciousness. Promotes intuition, concentration, and understanding.

Size: 30mm 21g

Material: Fluorite

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