Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot

Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot

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Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot

From the creator of the Crow Tarot, a richly illustrated 80-card tarot deck and guidebook perfect for cat lovers.

With one paw in the human world of catnip toys and belly rubs and another in the animal world stalking prey and disappearing into the landscape, cats exist in a liminal space between domestic and wild, captive and free. They are mysterious shapeshifters, loyal familiars, and self-appointed rulers over the humans they deign to grace with their company-and many of us will happily submit to their rule for a few cuddles.

From scrounging alley cats to well-fed fat cats, and hairless cats to giant puffballs, Grimalkin's Curious Cat Tarot is a pawsitively purrfect deck for any cat lover. Each of the Rider-Waite-Smith style cards in this deck depict cats along their own furry fool's journey-the good, the bad, the graceful, and the goofy.

About the Author

MJ Cullinane (aka Margaux Jones) is an award-winning Seattle-based artist, writer, mother, and lover of all things magical-especially crows. She attended Parsons School of Design, yet her unique technique for telling stories through digital collage is self-taught and has been her passion for over 10 years. The award-winning Crow Tarot was her first published deck. When she is not making art or writing, MJ is spending time with her daughter, playing in nature, practicing magic, and finding new sources of inspiration.

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