Dioptase & Quartz Specimen

Dioptase & Quartz Specimen

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Dioptase & Quartz Specimen

Spiritual Healing Properties

Dioptase’s energy embodies the concept of “Namaste” (that which is Holy inside of me, greets that which is Holy inside of you). It helps us to see people and relationships as an opportunity to explore the Sacred, and to become our Highest Self. Dioptase encourages us to continually question, explore, and be willing to change. It charges us to become more spiritually evolved and empowered in every area of our life. Dioptase helps us to sit in the here and now, and allow the past to rest. It is only in the NOW that we can embody our full potential and step firmly into our power.

Metaphysical Properties Dioptase
Chakra Heart
Element Water
Numerology 8
Zodiac Sagittarius and  Scorpio

Emotional Healing Properties

Dioptase links our heart and spirit, encouraging self-awareness and teaching the incredible power of forgiveness. It is a wonderfully joyful stone! It helps us to be more content in our current life and to see the beauty in it. It also makes us eager to improve our lives, and to understand that change happens one step at a time. Dioptase sings to our hearts, telling us that today is a perfect opportunity to move forward in a positive direction; to laugh more, to love more, to seek peace, to take personal responsibility for our own contentment, and to know how we can help others along their path. Dioptase shows us our own amazing capabilities and helps us to realize that we already have everything we need inside of us already to achieve our goals and dreams. Dioptase also teaches us the incredible power of forgiveness, showing us that whenever we forgive someone, we are in turn empowered by the experience.

Mental Healing Properties

Dioptase helps us to view our world more pragmatically, creatively, and compassionately. In particular, Dioptase helps us to let go of the past and pay more attention to our present and to the future we want to create. Dioptase helps us to shake off old roles that no longer serve us and to release victim mentality. In its place, Dioptase encourages us to look at where we are right now and to use whatever tools are at hand to create a life of pleasure and fulfillment. Dioptase shows us who our true friends and allies are and encourages us to seek their help and offer our own assistance. Dioptase stimulates our creativity, helping us to find new solutions to vexing problems. When our life is generally peaceful, Dioptase’s creative energy can stimulate an abundance of ideas and give us the wherewithal to bring them into being.

Physical Healing Properties

Dioptase is most often used by metaphysical healers to treat physical diseases that are believed to originate from emotional pain and distress. For example, a person who was verbally abused who develops hearing loss, or someone who develops low libido after discovering their partner cheated on them. Dioptase helps us to go right to the root of the problem and heal the heart and find forgiveness and compassion, after which the physical body can heal itself.

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