Dalmation Jasper Tumbled Stone Pendant

Dalmation Jasper Tumbled Stone Pendant

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Dalmation Jasper - Animal Lover

Helps you relax and have fun.

Dalmation Jasper

Lessens or removes disillusionment.

Protection from nightmares, depression and negative thinking.

Use a crystal associated with your Zodiac sign, or one with healing or other properties that you feel drawn to.

Healing & other properties associated with crystals are given for information only. These are based on the beliefs of various crystal healing practitioners, but should not be used to replace conventional medical advice or treatment.

Wearing a gemstone associated with your Zodiac sign is said to enrich your life and enhance positivite qualities of your sign.

Astro Health & Energy

Crystals to heal & empower.

Aquarious Jan 21 - Feb 19

Element - Air

Ruling Planet - Uranus

Symbol - The Water Carrier

Mode - Thought

Colour - Electric Blue

Flower/plant - Dandelion

Affirmation - I UNIVERSALISE

Aquarius alternative stones - Fluorite/Garnet

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