Clear Quartz Crystal Tree 160 Chip 22cm

Clear Quartz Crystal Tree 160 Chip 22cm

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Clear Quartz Tree: Clear quartz crystal tree is a soul cleanser that neutralises background radiation. It removes electromagnetTreeic smog and improves mental health and emotional well-being.

Crystal Trees are decorative miniature trees also called crystal bonsai trees that are made from natural crystal stones. The beautiful crystal tree’s cleansing and healing properties energize the place and bring positive energy to your room area. Multicolour and colourful crystal trees are suitable to place as a decorative item in your home or working place.

These trees are used in Feng Shui practices for Good luck, Vaastu correction, Reiki healing and Meditation. Crystal trees embody flexibility and kindness. They not only cultivate good qualities in life, but they also serve as beautiful decorative pieces.

The wood element brings nourishment, and the fruit trees symbolize bounty in life. You can choose trees made of crystal beads based on what you want. The tree’s shape collects dust and must be cleaned occasionally.

For energies the crystal tree you should also place the crystal tree under the Sunlight or Moonlight once weekly or monthly.

22cm height. 160 chips approximately. Wooden base adorned with crystal chips.

Please note, the tree branches are folded and wrapped for transport, you need to arrange the copper wire to achieve its beautiful shape.

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