Ruby Fuchsite - HEALING - Tumble Stone

Ruby Fuchsite - HEALING - Tumble Stone

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Ruby Fuchsite - HEALING

Combining Ruby and Fuchsite, this stone carries soothing, gentle energy to nurture the heart. Healing negative emotions and particularly traumatic experiences, this crystal can begin to heal the heart and encourages a flow of positivity and love. A very strong balancing stone, Ruby Fuchsite can harmonise the Third Eye chakra, encouraging intuition and developing spiritual awareness. This stone allows us to identify what no longer serves us and encourages us to part with these negative habits or beliefs. Through its nurturing properties, this stone can facilitate emotional healing, growth and development.

Ruby Fuchsite vibrates with the energy of spiritually aligned romantic love. Use it as a magnet to attract the perfect life partner. Allow it to help you open your sacred heart to higher vibration of loving and being loved.

Healing: Insomnia

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

Zodiac and birthstone: Aquarius

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