Arfvedsonite - MANIFESTATION - Tumble Stone

Arfvedsonite - MANIFESTATION - Tumble Stone

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Arfvedsonite - MANIFESTATION - A Strongly Spiritual Stone. Helps to Open the Crown & Throat Chakras. Assists in Astral Travel. Promotes Psychic Visions & Can Help to Better Understand Our Dreams & Protect Against Nightmares.

This Gemstone - Size ranges from 25mm - 30mm

Notes: Arfvedsonite is a Rare and Beautiful Mineral (and not easy to say LOL! 😂)  This Stone is Found in Limited Locations Around the World and We Managed to Get Some!

Sought by Collectors and Healers Alike.  In the Metaphysical World, Arfvedsonite is Considered a Powerful Tool for Psychics and Expanding One's Consciousness.

Arfvedsonite is related to Sugilite (another Rare Mineral) and often Arfvedsonite Occurs with Sugilite.

Note: This is NOT 'Astrophyllite'.

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