Stitchite and Serpentine (Tasmanian) aka Atlantisite Pendant

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Serpentine with Stitchite (Tasmanian) aka Atlantisite  - non ss

Atlantisite cultivates harmony and is a useful stone for the workplace or environments to create a welcoming, happy space. Serpentine has an earthy, grounding energy and Stitchite protects against negativity.

Use Atlantisite to align the crown and heart chakras. Atlantisite is said to be linked to ancient civilisations Atlantis and Lemuria is an effective emotional healing stone.


Stichtite appears to form by reaction between serpentine and altered chromite, during addition of substantial fluid, either as separate H2O and CO2 phases, or as a mixed volatile phase. Stichtite is a mineral, a carbonate of chromium and magnesium; formula Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)16·4H2O. Its colour ranges from pink through lilac to a rich purple colour. Discovered in 1910 on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia, it was first recognised by A.S. Wesley a former chief chemist with the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company, it was named after Robert Carl Sticht the manager of the mine. This stone comes from Tasmania

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