Tourmaline Schorl Crystal Silver Pendants

Tourmaline Schorl Crystal Silver Pendants

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grounded protection

Chakra : Root / Base

Mantra " I am in complete control of the energy I allow into my space, I am strong and I am shielded."

An essential piece to have in your collection.

She is a strong grounding energy that allows you to take back your own energy and become unaffected by the effect of lower frequencies.

Energy can only enter your frequency if you allow it.

Black tourmaline will guide you to set strong boundaries in relationships. This is where the magic really happens as you start to reclaim your own energy and foster healthier, positive relationships.

She is an electrically charged crystal by nature and can also ward off unwanted spirits and is a guardian against spiritual attack.

Her energy is so grounded, she can teach you to correctly channel and place direct signals to universe to aide in the law of attraction.

Take her guidance and watch your relationships and who is drawn to you transform.

Although her energy is strong, most people find it resonates well and works immediately.


Technically speaking, black tourmaline is a self-cleansing stone and does not require external influence in order to stay in prime working condition.

This being said, there are some enthusiasts who report their crystals work far better after a period of cleansing and recharging. This is likely due to the ever changing frequencies on our planet, and the accelerated rate at which EMFs are emitted into the environment.

In the 1400s, black tourmaline could easily cleanse itself as there was only a fraction of the radiation we have today. Now, black tourmaline might just get a little overwhelmed by the frequencies, and not be able to self-cleanse as successfully.

In short, it is better to cleanse and recharge your black tourmaline just as you would any other crystal in your collection.

Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve in Water?

Can black tourmaline get wet? Yes, it can indeed. This is a water-safe stone and will not dissolve even after long periods of submersion in water.

Charging Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline has a unique preference in the way it likes to be recharged after long periods of use.

It’s recommended that, once a month, tourmaline be submerged in a saltwater solution. This can be a mixture you prepare yourself, or it can be saltwater taken from an ocean.

Leave the stone to soak overnight, and rinse it with fresh water the following morning. Allow it to dry and bake in the sunlight for a few hours, before resuming regular usage as needed.

How to Charge Black Tourmaline

The aforementioned method may be the most preferred for the stone, but it is not the only route to charging black tourmaline.

If you’re wondering how to cleanse black tourmaline without using water, the answer is to use the light of the full moon. Each month, place the stone under the stars and allow the moon to charge the crystal overnight, retrieving it only the following morning.

You can also bury your tourmaline underground and leave it here for up to 48 hours, allowing the frequency of the earth to cleanse and charge the stone.

Alternatively, burn incense or sacred herbs over your black tourmaline, setting the intention for cleansing with your mind.

Programming Black Tourmaline

A crystal grid is a fantastic way of programming black tourmaline for a specific intention or role. This allows for your needs and wants to be shifted into the stone in a very gentle manner, with the support of other crystals around it to hold the frequency high.

If crystal grids are not yet something you’re into, then you can easily program black tourmaline simply by holding it in the palm of your hand and setting your intentions for working with this stone. Speak to it as though you were speaking to any other living entity; there is no wrong way of doing this.

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