Rose Quartz Crystal Tree 300 Chip 19cm

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Crystal trees are made up of natural crystals that shine with their natural beauty. The decorative mini trees are made up of genuine crystals that rectify bad energy and improve energy balance within the house. The free-flowing abundance of energy attracts positivity into the home.

Interested in enjoying crystal benefits while decorating your space with beautiful decor pieces? You can place crystal trees on the study desk, office table, near the entrance, etc., anywhere you want and not worry about watering them. Such a tree has both spiritual and philosophical significance. It brings dependability and trustworthiness into life. Just like the way the tree roots spread underground, crystal trees connect the soul spiritually. It reaches high and branches widely, unlocking new opportunities.

19cm height. 300 chips approximately. Wooden base adorned with crystal chips.

Please note, the tree branches are folded and wrapped for transport, you need to arrange the copper wire to achieve its beautiful shape.

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