Modern Oracle How to Tap into Your Unique Psychic Powers, The

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Have you always felt connected to the spiritual world and wondered if you were psychic? 

Do you want to know how to tap into your unique psychic powers? 

It is time to begin walking your psychic path ... 

In this must-read book from international award-winning psychic Katy-K, you will discover the steps to further develop your own psychic powers, how to learn to trust in your gifts, and how to build stronger spiritual connections. 

By sharing some of her psychic 'secrets' you will find an easy system of learning that has produced many professional psychics, now earning an income from their gifts. 

Katy-K shares parts of her own psychic journey, from shutting down as a child, to becoming a highly sought-after reader and tutor. On her journey, her inner sceptic always questioned anything that appeared to be unbelievable and would often say to her 'Spirit Team', "If this is so, then prove it." To her amazement they did. 

Katy-K is also known as 'The Modern Oracle' and has created two successful oracle decks: The Modern Oracle and The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils

Well, what are you waiting for? 

Let your exploration in the psychic world begin.



Loved it! A practical and enlightening look at how to develop your psychic skills.

Katy explains things in such an entertaining and straightforward manner that makes it a joy to read and yet be able to learn so much at the same time.

Psychic abilities or 'Woo Woo' not required.

Marilla Fraser, Health Worker

An amazing read that will guide many into using their psychic intuition, gifts and spiritual tools on a daily basis. It's like finding a book of secrets and then realising that all this and more is awaiting those who tune in.

 Jules Impiccini, Educator, Writer, Novice Psychic

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