Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Earrings - Quality Gemstone Jewellery

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Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

Quality Gemstone Jewellery

Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry
  • They connect you to the earth. Our earth has many gifts that she shares with us, including her genuine gemstones. ...
  • They can bring you inner peace. ...
  • They are healing. ...
  • Gemstones are timeless and durable.

The spiritual meanings surrounding mystic topaz are balance, creativity, intuition and manifestation. Tap into your deepest thoughts and unlock your potential with the powers of topaz.

What is Mystic Topaz

The mystic topaz crystal has a unique dual-tone effect that can exhibit a range of colors, from purple to green and even blue. This multi-color effect is unusual and eye-catching. It makes mystic topaz a popular stone to be used in jewellery design.

It is a rare gemstone that has a transparent base with an iridescent finish that creates a rainbow of colors. It is also known as “rainbow mystic topaz” due to its colorful nature. Mystic topaz is created through a unique process known as a titanium coating, which is applied to the top of the stone. This process gives mystic topaz its iridescence and rainbow of colors.

Mystic topaz titanium coating is a new technology that uses titanium to coat topaz stones. This coating process gives mystic topaz its signature rainbow look. It creates a unique and eye-catching effect that causes the stones to reflect light and sparkle in a variety of colors. The titanium coating is extremely durable and makes the stones highly resistant to scratches, chipping, and other damage.


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