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Morning Star LOTUS

Japanese Incense

Morning Star Japanese Incense

Japanese incense is arguably the finest in the world and Morning Star Incense is established as one of the best and most popular of all Japanese incense. This high quality incense was created in the 1960s and is regarded as the perfect everyday incense. It is adored by both the Japanese and by people all over the world. This exquisite product is made by Nippon Kodo - a company that has been producing the best quality incenses for over 400 years. 

Morning star is hand made with love and the aim of calming the mind and imbuing relaxation and tranquillity. The secret is that it does not have a bamboo core so it produces astonishingly little smoke when burning and creates a pure scent with no wood odour.  The result is a pure, light and gentle fragrance which enhances a very peaceful and relaxing mood. Morning Star incense utilises natural aromatic flower and herb essences and comes in a perfectly edited variety of beautiful and classic scents to select from.

The incense is long burning making it extremely economical compared to many cheaper incenses.  You also receive a beautiful tile incense holder in every pack. This really is something special and is perfect for anyone who understands incense well and appreciates true quality.

  • The beautiful fragrance of the lotus blossom. Light a stick to calm your mind or to enhance the mood of the moment.
  • Nippon Kodo Morning Star Incense
  • Japan traditional Incense    
  • 50 sticks each pack
  • Length: 4.75" long
  • Burning Time: approx. 25-30 min
  • Includes ceramic mini holder for each pack


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