Super Seven Sterling Silver Pendant

Super Seven Sterling Silver Pendant

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This powerful fusion makes it a highly spiritual and energetic crystal which you can use to uncover spiritual truths and elevate your consciousness.

The Lore of Super Seven Crystal

According to health folklore, super seven is a great balancing stone which may treat a weak or ailing heart. It is believed to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity as well as treat problems in the kidney and pancreas.

Super seven crystal is also believed to reverse fertility problems and remove toxins from the body.

The Metaphysical Properties of Super Seven Crystal

Super seven crystal combines all the metaphysical benefits of the seven minerals present in it:

Amethyst - Increases cognitive ability, focus, and creativity

Cacoxenite - Improves spiritual awareness and a better sense of divine purpose

Clear quartz - Boosts energy and opens the mind and heart

Goethite - Strengthens physical and spiritual connection

Lepidocrocite - Improves communication and understanding between lovers and blocks negative energy

Rutile - Reduces worry and anxiety

Smoky quartz - Protects against negative energy and speeds up healing

The crystal offers knowledge to help you find the answers to your life questions. It also allows you to connect with and learn from your past experiences. It helps create a harmonious relationship with yourself and others.

Speaking of knowledge, super seven crystal helps you widen your consciousness and assists you in letting go of doubts, fears, and frustrations that may be holding you back from seizing life-changing opportunities.

It opens your eyes to things that truly matter and that which you need to give importance and attention. It also aids you in understanding and working through bottled up emotions you may have, stimulating emotional healing.

Super seven crystal activates, balances, and cleanses all seven chakras. Meditate with it or use it as jewelry to tap into its powers.

Crystal necklaces function as dynamic tools for managing your body's energy equilibrium. These wearable gems work to harmonize and balance the vital energy centers, known as chakras, within your body. By interacting with your energy field, crystal necklaces can promote a state of holistic well-being and tranquility.

Depending on the stones in the necklace, they may aid in chakra balancing, protection against negative energy, promotion of positive energy, or warding off of bad energy. Moreover, meanings like love, friendship, protection, tranquillity, and serenity can be represented by crystal necklaces.

Quality Sterling Siver Genuine Crystal Gemstone Pendants.

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