Kyanite - Black

Kyanite - Black

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Balance, calm, clarity, cleansing, grounding, intuition, meditation, protection and psychic abilities. Zodiac, Libra & Pisces.

Black Kyanite sets you on a quest to discover your soul’s path and purpose. Establishing a calm and clear space for meditation, it quiets the mind to allow the wisdom of your inner guidance to come through. Awakening from the illusion of loneliness and empty distractions of daily life, the passions of your soul will reveal themselves to you.

Its fan-like formation acts as a broom, sweeping through your energetic pathways and clearing blockages in your subtle bodies. Activating all chakras and fortifying your auric field, it grounds you into an aligned state of perfect harmony. Increasing psychic awareness of higher frequencies, it welcomes the exploration of past lives to enhance your intuitive guidance.

Expanding consciousness, Black Kyanite invites divine light to illuminate your spiritual journey. Instilling a deep sense of presence and peace, it teaches you to create alignment each new day. Remember, a path is a process and not just about arriving at a destination. This life is full of amazing adventures that will test all your abilities as you step into wholeness.

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