Green Calcite Chunks - HEALING Small

Green Calcite Chunks - HEALING Small

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Meaning & Energy

This crystal is a very powerful heart stone that is here to help calm and rejuvenate our most vital organ. It's the perfect stone to help relieve unneeded daily stress and calm our pent up energies that may have been brewing all day. Simply holding a piece while taking in deep breaths can make us soon forget the reason for all our distress. Working with this stone helps strengthen the connection to our heart and provides insight as to where we need to focus our emotions. So often do we lead with our head and not our heart, that we fail to recognize our head is full of distractions and rapidly changing emotions. It is the heart that holds the most vital information we carry, which is why it should be used first in any decision making process.

Healer of the Heart

We recommend meditating with Green Calcite as often as possible. It's important to focus on your heart during these sessions so you can bring to the surface all the trauma weighing it down. We must face it, accept it, and move forward from it. Green Calcite will become your best friend when dealing with such issues and will help you push past them. It’s important for us to not be defined but rather motivated by these issues. If we continuously go back to our problems and use them as an excuse, we will never overcome our challenges. When the time to move forward has risen, it's vital to embrace it and accept these new beginnings!

Strengthen Your Connection With Nature

Green Calcite has a very unique connection with nature, so we urge you to meditate outside with the stone! Dusk and dawn are the preferred times to use it because they are the most energetic times of the day. Clear your mind and close your eyes while either holding a piece of Green Calcite or placing it in front of you. As you begin taking deep breaths, envision your aura being filled with green rays of rejuvenating energies. Take this time to focus on both yourself and your heart space. We urge you to do this as often as you need in addition to carrying a piece of Green Calcite with you as much as possible.

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