Golden Sheen Obsidian Sphere 5cm 152g

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Crystal spheres are powerful tools, emitting harmony and positivity. Historically, the sphere is a perfect shape and held sacred: all points are the same distance away from the centre, making it a pure expression of unity, integrity and completeness.

Golden Sheen Obsidian is a lesser-known variant of standard Black Obsidian. It goes through the same rapid heating and cooling processes to develop a signature glossy look and glass-like crystalline structure. However, this variant features a distinct golden sheen.

The finish results from gas getting trapped in the liquified magma as it cools to form the volcanic glass. The final product is a stunning shimmer of gold that perfectly complements a dark base.

Golden Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone associated with the Earth Star and Root chakras. Its color is a striking combination of gold and black, making it a unique and beautiful addition to any collection. This stone facilitates shadow transmutation, integrating one’s shadow self and overcoming negative emotions such as fear and uncertainty. Golden Sheen Obsidian is also a powerful cleanser of the auric field, transmuting vibrations to a higher level. Overall, this stone is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their inner self.

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