Garnet Rough Sterling Silver Ring - Size 9 - Quality Gemstone Jewellery

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Garnet Rough Sterling Silver Ring - Size 9

Also known as the commitment stone. It is a physical healing crystal releasing negativity. Strengthens self-confidence. Helps to achieve goals.

Become centered and secure with the help of a Garnet Gemstone. Garnet is filled with powerful energy that stabilizes and invigorates you. They help you overcome feelings of anxiety or fear and give you the courage to face any problems you may have. Garnet also connects to and balances the Root Chakra, grounding and connecting you to the present moment.

Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry
  • They connect you to the earth. Our earth has many gifts that she shares with us, including her genuine gemstones. ...
  • They can bring you inner peace. ...
  • They are healing. ...
  • Gemstones are timeless and durable.

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