Fluorite Purple Sphere 4cm

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Crystal spheres are powerful tools, emitting harmony and positivity. Historically, the sphere is a perfect shape and held sacred: all points are the same distance away from the centre, making it a pure expression of unity, integrity and completeness.


Violet or purple fluorite is tagged as the most peace-giving stone of all fluorites and is committed to the devotional facets of the mind linked to the spirit. 

The stone is known to purify the mind and improve mental acuity, kindling the Third Eye Chakra to initiate a logical and cognizant awareness of how thinking occurs in one’s mind and how the mental processes work. When placed on the third eye or crown chakra, the stone can improve communication with nature spirits, angels, and spirit guides.

Akin to the energy of amethyst that too is purple, purple fluorite allows tapping into the energy of the third eye chakra, fetching bands of shield, and experiencing dreamy delight. It is considered a stone of radiant light and love, making it an ideal amulet for anyone who wishes to have profound spiritual communication.

Purple fluorite is an ideal stone for resolute meditation and enhances psychic, creative, and intuitive abilities. You can expect it to boost one’s mental capacities. It is known to bring order from chaos and dispel negative energy, particularly from the environment after which it reactivates the atmosphere. 

Purple fluorite is a great crystal to place on hand when the goal is of coming up with novel ideas, brainstorming, coming out of some block while writing, or getting rid of mental potholes. 

Just as any other fluorite, purple fluorite pushes you to be on track and remain focused on work or job, which can be even studying, writing, or doing office work. It is a great stone to keep with you if your mind wanders. 

The stone is likely to motivate struggling learners, particularly those with learning challenges. This is because it is known to integrate new information and facilitate fast thinking.

Physically, the stone can improve the immune system and relieve tension and headaches. It can even support teeth and bones, relieve arthritis, and assist in the healing of bone marrow disorders. Purple fluorite may even help in healing both physical and emotional scars, stomach upsets, sore throats, and insomnia.

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