Eudialyte Sterling Silver Pendant

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This Eudialyte sterling silver pendant is a one of a kind rare and very hard to find. 
Why is it so rare? Because there literally isn’t much of it and it’s found only in a couple of places including Cooljarloo in Western Australia 

Eudialyte has developed the nickname of “The stone of the heartland” due to its connection to the energies of unconditional love and its ability to root these energies into the Earth plane through thoughts, feelings, and manifestations. Physical existence often puts a primary focus on our survival needs (food, shelter, safety) leaving emotional needs in the background and fully ignored in some cases. Eudialyte provides one with the vitality to ensure survival needs are met but also the love energy necessary to recognize and fulfill the heart’s desires. It is a stone that brings balance to physical and emotional needs so that one may live with a harmonious experience of the two. Eudialyte strongly links the heart and root together, opening the doorway to increased synchronicities that bridge the gap between what must be done and what the heart wishes to do. It is a powerful ally in bringing one’s dreams and inspirations to life.

As a water and earth element stone, Eudialyte’s energies help to balance one’s inner emotions with external experiences. Eudialyte provides life force, self love, and protection to those who work with it and has a strong impression on the emotional body. It opens us to the wisdom of the heart, teaching us how we can work on ourselves to heal and balance the emotions; rather than looking outward for the solution. Eudialyte is a powerful guide for diving into the heart as it empowers one to face depression and self-dissatisfaction so that one may find the underlying cause of these feelings. It promotes absent-forgiveness of the self and others as well as self love; releasing one from the negativity caused by fear, guilt, anger, and sorrow. This provides us with the time and focus to work on ourselves and learn from our “mistakes”. Overall, Eudialyte is able bring about incredible changes of the inner being and is especially useful during turning points in ones life and journey 

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