Bismuth Hoper Formations Iridescent Lab grown crystal

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Bismuth Hoper Formations Iridescent Lab grown crystal

Most marketed Bismuth specimens are laboratory grown, and exhibit a very interesting shape. They have hopper -like growths in pseudocubic crystals, and are usually coated with chemicals to prevent tarnish, thus maintaining the silver-white color. Sometimes the coating gives a colorful effect on the bismuth.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Bismuth is an incredible stone for anyone who is actively journeying. It helps us to know where we are going, to stay the course, to be open to new opportunities and to continually move forward. It reminds us that the Divine and the Universe wants us to succeed and will conspire in our favor if we move boldly and with an open-heart. Bismuth helps us feel deeply connected to our Highest Self and other spiritual energies. It has both a grounding and expansive energy, helping us be comfortable with change and eager for positive transformation. When we feel lonely or lost, Bismuth can help us to easily connect with something or someone, feeding our soul and nurturing our heart, allowing us to regain our confidence and enthusiasm.

Emotional Healing Properties

Bismuth has a very comforting and friendly energy. It helps us to feel more secure in our relationships with people, and with the world at large. Bismuth helps us to make our needs known and to show others our value and unique qualities. It helps us to handle change gracefully and to stay calm even if everyone around us is in a panic. Bismuth reminds us that we can handle whatever life throws at us and that we have what it takes to succeed. In romantic relationships, Bismuth can help couples deepen their connect, often leading to marriage or other forms of long-term partnership. However, Bismuth will also laughingly remind us not to settle or stay with someone who isn’t quite right for us. It encourages us to work well with others, while maintaining our own independence. More than anything, Bismuth invites us to “enjoy the journey” as we grow and evolve over the course of our lifetime.

Mental Healing Properties

Bismuth is a fantastic stone for anyone who is setting goals or has big dreams. It encourages us to think big, to plan meticulously, and to walk our talk. Bismuth also encourages us to be wise, to plan strategically and to be teachable. It urges us to be willing to evolve, to be a life-long learner, and to change ourselves when new information or situations requires that of us. Bismuth keeps us looking forward to the future, rather than dwelling on the past. It helps our mind to stay sharp, focused and engaged in the present moment.

Physical Healing Properties

Bismuth is recommended when we are completely exhausted, either from a physical condition or because emotional stress has taken its toll.  It gently gives us energy so that we can resume our normal life.  It also reminds us that there is no shame in struggling, it happens to everyone at some point or another.  We can only do what we can, and our best will be good enough.  Bismuth is also a good talisman for paralysis, helping us to express our needs and find ways of getting them met.

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